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Our voice solutions can be customised to fit your organisation’s size and budget. It can also adapt to accommodate company growth, without any downtime.

We offer hassle free installation, number porting and reduced call rates. Our guaranteed service provides you with peace of mind that our products will never let you down.

3CX IP Windows PBX

3CX Phone System eliminates the phone-wiring network and allows users to easily work remotely.


VoIP is voice calls over the internet instead of traditional telephone lines. The solution is cheaper, scalable and completely mobile.

VOIP Gateway

Utilise your current PBX via our Voip Gateway. Our solution has proven to be interoperable with all major soft switches and SIP-PBX brands

Virtual PBX

Our Hosted PBX system, whether on 3CX or generic has all the functionality of an advanced PBX system without the large financial expense.

IP Phones

At TechSeeds we provide our clients with innovative, feature-rich, robust and reliable IP phones