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ICT Consulting


We transfer knowledge through consultation, which involves the systematic analysis of the client’s technological infrastructure and potential problem space, in order to conceive suitable solutions for current and potential problems.

And ongoing supervision of newly acquired solutions, in order to optimise the client’s business potential and existing technological infrastructure.

Knowledge & Experience

In today’s economy it doesn’t make sense to keep a full-time IT employee. We will supply you with experienced and knowledgeable consultants to resolve all your issues.

Our informed professionals may simply voice an opinion, by listening and posing the right questions, or take complete control of current and potential IT projects through mediation, planning and project management

Feasibility Studies

Many solutions may seem plausible at a first glance, but fail when put into practise. It can be difficult to choose between purchasing a new solution and developing your own solution.

Our consultants can help you to construct and implement innovative and value-adding solutions for your company’s unique business strategies.

We offer cost effective analysis of project feasibility, shaped around the project’s scalability, budget, time-scale and future growth, enabling you to make an informed decision.

Sustainable Supervision

Assessing the systems that are already being implemented by our customers not only benefits the customer, but also enables TechSeeds to build up an in-depth understanding of the client’s existing IT infrastructure.

Supporting a newly acquired infrastructure and assisting in the further development of current systems allows us to keep up with the growth of the customer’s business.

We prefer building long-term relationships with our customers, rather than delivering a once-off service. Accordingly, we offer service contracts to reduce the costs that are normally associated with ongoing consultation and support.

Disaster Recovery

TechSeeds consultants can guide you in building a sound IT infrastructure, to minimise the extent of data-loss associated with accidents and natural disasters.

We assess any backup-related shortcomings in existing systems and advise on suitable and affordable backup solutions for all our customers.


Customer communication is of the utmost importance for the successful implementation of any IT solution.

Proper planning, thorough assessment, ongoing customer consultation and customer feedback cannot be achieved without effective communication.

ICT Consulting