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  • Reliable and Flexible Fibre Internet for Business Use
  • 2Mbps – 1000Mbps
  • Uncapped solutions
  • We offer enterprise business fibre solutions to all business sizes with 99% uptime.
  • Services: Internet, browsing, emails, file transfers, video conferencing streaming and dedicated access to servers.


TechSeeds is a Wireless Infrastructure Service Provider (WISP).

In the unlikely event that neither Diginet nor fibre infrastructure can be accommodated in your area, we will be able to provide you with wireless infrastructure.


At TechSeeds we sell capped and uncapped DSL of 2Mbps – 40Mbps bandwidths via Telkom network over a shared (but not contended) IP Connect link.

This enables smaller ISPs to develop their own broadband products rather than being relegated to reselling another ISP’s Internet services.


Reliable connectivity for our ‘off the grid’ client base